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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Video! Gregory Stimulus pack, reviewed while racing!

Team DART-nuun member comments on Gregory Stimulus pack while racing the Primal Quest! Cyril Jay-Rayon, an elite adventure racer, with experience in every environment imagineable, is impressed with the 1lb 2oz Stimulus pack. Having just come out of a "bike whack" (carrying his bike while trekking off trail) and into his 37th hour of racing in the dense NW Cascades, Cyril is surprised his pack has not gone to pieces. The 300 cubic inch Stimulus was packed with gear for self-contained travel for up to 48hrs. We are talking, water bladder, food, clothing, and emergency gear amongst other items. The maxed out pack broke the fall of several back slides, carried the weight of Cyril's bike on its shoulder straps, and was continually smagged by the NW bush. Relieved to get back on his bike Cyril is glad the pack's contents hadn't spilled out. The stimulus didn't sustain a rip, snag or any damage, not even in the mesh. The mesh belt pockets contained food bars, gels, compass, map, extra batteries and beanie for quick access on the go. For an adventure race, long day hike, or lightweight overnighter the Stimulus is rugged and the perfect size to go light and fast.
Contributed by Erik Nachtrieb
Video by Erik Nachtrieb

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